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Re: Cyanobacteria

Alok Chaudhari <chaudhari.6 at osu_edu> wrote:

>I seem to have a really bad case of cyano. I have read discussion
>about using circulation, erythromycin, darkness, witchcraft, among other
>things to get rid of the stuff. The most possible explanation for the
>outbreak is what some people have discussed, nutrient starved tanks can
>have bad outbreaks. I use reclaimed RO for water changes (25% weekly). The
>tank is a 180. There is about 5 mg/l NO3 and no detectable PO4. Any
>suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I did not check the archive, so maybe people already explained what I am going to
I read on a French magazine an advice: switch of the light of your tank during 2 or
3 hours in a middle of the day. For instance your aquarium is lit from 8H to 22H,
switch off the light from 14H to 16H.
I tried twice and it worked very well.
When I visited Dennerle (Germany) they explained us that they noticed the algae
disappearance as well (without second bad effect on plant growth).
I agree, it is a palliative but it works.

The Netherlands