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Re: Glossostigma meltdown

Mark faulkner wrote:

>I recieved a shipment of Glossostigma (looked healthy upon arrival)
>from AZ Gardens three days ago and two days after planting all of the
>plants turned necrotic.  Some of the Gloss. stems were touching some
>Anubias nana leaves, turning them brown also.  My tank parameters:  55g
>cube (2x2x2), 250w MH 5500K, 79deg F, pH-6.7, KH-8deg, GH-6deg.  I'm
>thinking it might be due to shipment (it's probably pretty hot in AZ
>this time of year).  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any insight
>would be appreciated.


As I work at an aquarium plant nursery, I saw quite often meltdown problems.
The following MIGHT be an explanation to your problem
Too much bad professional (Asian or other producers, wholesalers) store their plant
“fridge”  too long. They work with aquarium plant like they do with cut flowers! I
it. After 6 days in “fridge”, some plants (ex: Anubias spp.) still look freshslow!
But, it is
almost impossible to acclimate these under water condition after a traumatism like

Another possible explanation: sometimes, an emersed plant cultivated in too dry
conditions (low hygrometry) does not survive to a brutal immersion. It needs
slower acclimatisation. I cannot give you a scientific explanation but it is
something I often experienced.
Consequently, if one day you receive plants emersed which does not look very nice,
try to keep it emersed first for a while in a very humid place (ex: little plastic
for seedling).

Good Luck

The Netherlands