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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1151

> From: Charley Bay <Charleyb at Cytomation_com>
> Subject: RE: Large tanks & sumps
> 	It's the same with aquatic gardening...  I no
> 	longer like drilled tanks even though many of
> 	mine are, and it's imminent that you will get
> 	a broken siphon with water everywhere (and
> 	yes, I'm an idiot, I've lost 6" from my 180g
> 	more than once.  Well, actually, more than
> 	twice.  Well, actually... ;-).

I'm a little perplexed how a properly setup overflow system can lose siphon?
About the only possibility I can think of is a skimmer that created air that
could be trapped in the U tube, and even that can be overcome by using two
skimmers so that the flow rate would draw the air out of the second U tube
when the first failed.

Even if that occurred, you can keep the water level in the sumps low enough
that a complete lack of water return wouldn't overflow the tank before the
pumps drew air. I've never lost siphon in either U tube, let alone both, in
8 years but I still planned for the possibility.

Jon Wilson