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Re: Starting again .. sort of

> Subject: Starting again (sort of)
> My plan is to simply up root all the plants and sort them out and then re
> plant them as desired.

	My inclination would (if the tank is big enough) to do it in
stages - perhaps 1/4 of the tank at a time.  That is how I usually make
changes, because it reduces the disruption. 
> What procedure should I follow, cutting roots, leaves please help!

	I try to take as much root as possible, and remove any decaying
or badly damaged leaves.  Mind you, if your plants have been growing
really well, you may find it difficult to get things out without a knife
to cut the root mat.

> Algae blooms? what could I expect!?!?!?!?!?

	The only bad algal outbreak followed the planting of a previously
unplanted 110L tank with a single largish fish that had been there for
years.  Not surprisingly, it took a little while for the plants to gain
the upper hand in there.  Otherwise, problems seem, if anything, to be

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada