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Bent Glass

I've been trying to find a company that can bend a piece of 24 inch wide
glass into a 'U' shape with about 4 feet of flat 'legs' and a 24 inch
diameter bend.  I'm wanting to build a tank with a bullet nose shape on one
end.  (Sort of like the big tank that the space-benders in Dune occupy -
very art deco).  None of the fabricators can make the bend with the flat
'legs' as a single piece (that would form the flat sides of the tank.)  They
can make the radiused end, but that would mean a butt-joint between the
curved glass and the flats.  I can imagine a cabinet design that would
conceal the joints behind a vertical wood frame, but I don't know about the
strength of the joint itself.  I thought about adding a 2 inch wide piece of
glass vertically to form a 'T' at the joint intersection so the joint would
be stiffer and behave more like a corner joint.  Any thoughts?