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Re: Fertilizer poisoning?


I doubt the addition of Flourish Iron to your tank have caused the symptoms
you describe. I started adding Flourish Iron to my planted tank about two
weeks ago, as part of my "personal" PMDD recipe. So far, no ill effects on 
fish. On the contrary, I have angels spawning for the first time in this 
tank. And as you said, many people use this product as well.

But I don't use the recommended dose (from the bottle's label), I use my own 
dose that I compute based on the product's stated concentrartion 
(10,000 mg/l Fe), other iron-bearing stuff that goes into my mix, and on 
the target value I want for the tank concentration. I also always follow up
whatever I do with the appropriate water tests. I'm not sure but I think 
the label on the Flourish Iron bottle says something about water testing. 
As far as my limited experince goes, this is true for iron supplementation. 
It seems that every particular aquarium has its specific iron consumption 
rate, and we can only make sure the target level is being met and not being 
exceeded by testing the water.
I strongly suggest you to refrain using products that do not disclose their 
full composition. You'll end up adding more products to fix the imbalances 
caused by them, and even if your aquarium eventually reaches an equilibrium 
point, you'll won't know why it did.

-Ivo Busko