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Re: Tank Selection

> I'm worried that if I go to a 6 foot long tank the length may squelchI the
> advantage of having a nice depth of field.  My alternative would be to use
> something like a 4-foot long, 90 gallon tank - or maybe 2 :).  Does anyone
> want to sway my opinion?  How is lighting best arranged in a 6 foot long
> tank?


I have a 5 foot long 100 gallon that I love, but have found to be a bit too
long for some of the aquascaping I'm trying to do.  I suspect that it is
mostly a matter of experience, because my 60 gallon looked great.  I think
my dream dimensions are about that of a 120 gallon: 4'x2'x2'.  Lighting is
easy, since you can get 4 foot bulbs anywhere, or use 2 175w halides and 2
4' flourescents, allowing you to really tailor the spectrum to whatever you
want it to be.  I've found that lighting on my 100 is a pain, since I have
to use 5' bulbs or have dark corners, which I hate.  I could use some little
13w PCs in those spots, but somehow that just seems odd to me, and the color
spectrum is different.  I'd love to get my hands on two 175w halides, but I
can't currently afford it.  The other advantage of the 120 is that it gives
you lots of room to play with front to back, while still giving your plants
a reasonable amount of room to grow vertically.  Aquascaping-wise, this
would be lots of fun to play with.

Justin Collins