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Re: Square tanks

David Boukmn was asking about the availability of tanks built to "Amano
standards" (as least as regards to proportions) in the U.S. Most aquarium
manufacturers follow pretty much the same basic proportions for most of
their lines - some do offer "specialty sizes" which are still in reality
"stock items" in that they are listed in their catalogue. But just because
something isn't in their catalogue, I wouldn't let that stop you from

Last winter I wanted a set of four tanks that would offer more scope for
aquascaping than the standard 12" width offered, while still maintaining a
24" length. In that way, I would be able to fit two tanks under a bank of
standard 48" fluorescent fixtures. The dimensions I decided upon were 24"L x
18"W x 18"H. Each tank would hold approximately 30 U.S. gallons. since I
also wanted to be able to use these as "photo tanks", and I know that plate
glass has a green tinge to it, I went to a local glass company and asked for
a quote on the raw glass, cut appropriately for each tank, with a piece of
"water white" float glass for the front pane. I figured that I could build
them myself if I was really careful. I also asked about having all of the
edges "flame polished" so that the edges of the panes would be as clear as
the front and back.

I was almost knocked down by the price quotation - it would have cost me, at
least from this particular supplier, $200.00 Cdn. per tank, just for the
glass. Remember that this was for a 30 gallon tank! Not being related to
Bill Gates, I passed....

But on my way home I dropped into my favourite local fish store and asked
the manager if his aquarium supplier could/would do custom sizes. He said
"Sure, what size do you want?" I told him the size and quantity - he got on
the telephone and within 10 minutes he gave me a quote - $50.00 Cdn. per
tank. Now, these tanks won't have "water white" front panes, and the edges
of each pane might be frosted rather than flame polished, but they will be
fully assembled and fully guaranteed. I was told that most aquarium
companies can handle custom orders and with the amount of glass that they
buy the price of the glass is usually a LOT less than you can get as an
individual consumer from a glass supplier.

If you want something, ask for it - you might be surprised at the answer.

James Purchase