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Aquascaping Competition

I still like the idea of the aquascaping competition, we don't need 
judges, we don't need prizes, we can just have a vote by the 
populous.It doesn't even need to be whose tank looks best. What I 
would like to get out of this competition is to see different peoples 
adaptations and styles in aquascaping to see if there might be an 
American style (obviously people of other nationalities could enter.) 
I think the subject of aquascaping has been long overlooked on this 
list and I am tired of reading about the Amano style and the Dutch 
tanks. Not that they aren't pretty, but I'm looking to see some 
original creativity here.

  Sure some people might photoshop their tanks, but in my mind, the 
purpose is not to win but to display your creations. Anyone who needs 
to edit their images besides a simple brightness/contrast adjustment 
or color correction is really quite pathetic. Furthermore, as people 
already mentioned, moving tanks is not an acceptable option here in 
the United States.

Just my thoughts,

Julius Odian
Menlo Park, CA