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Re: Aquascaping Competition

For those who missed it, last week I suggested that it might be an idea to
see if some sort of competition/showcase could be arranged where people
could show off their planted aquariums. Several people obviously agreed with
me, and I invited anyone interested in helping work out the details to
contact me. In order to keep the chatter on the APD to a minimum, I
suggested that the discussion take place OFF the list, rather than on it.
Additionally, since I hope that this can be an Aquatic Gardeners Association
event and the APD is not part of the AGA, moving the conversation seemed
like an appropriate thing to do. This will allow the APD to get back to what
it does best...

APD members as a group will be advised of the results of our discussions at
the approriate time.

Erik Olson has graciously set up a mailing list on the KRIB for this
discussion. Anyone interested is invited to join in. I promise to listen,
but I don't promise to please everyone. I want this to be as open and
transparent as possible and would like to include as many points of view as
wish to be heard. The list is available as separate messages or in digest
format. Should you wish to join in the conversation. please send an e-mail

 Majordomo at thekrib_com

In the BODY of the e-mail message, please include ONE of the following
lines, substituting your e-mail address where appropriate:

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James Purchase