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American Style

   Do all Asians do this Amano style? Do all Europeans do this or that? I
believe it is a personal individual evolution not an area of the world's
style. We are first very happy to grow anything. Next, we branch out growing
different plants and mastering growing aquatics. It takes some time to find
the personal style to grow what you want and are willing to
prune/trim/maintain. Many strike a balance between what they are willing to
trim and using slow growing plants that don't need constant maintenance.
Trimming Riccia twice a week may be your thing. There are just so many
creative outlets with plants, far more than with a Reef tank or other
canvas. Americans lagged behind the other parts of the world for some time
but it appears that we are fast catching up. 

     Artist appropriate( that's borrow or steal depending on how you look at
it<g>) other folks ideas and incorporate them into their own works. Amano
did this as have many Europeans with the terrestrial gardens or nature or
Bonsai. So is this or that a true style? Or merely rehash but in an
aquarium? Plants grow and change, so do we. I must admit that the Dutch and
Amano styles have opened my eyes, but now they are opened it is MY style. To
have another follow and copy what you have done is the greatest thanks and
show of appreciation that one can give. 
Use all (like rocks,wood ,cork, plants, plastics, colors of gravels, tank
shapes,lighting, CO2, etc.) that is available to you to achieve the desired
effect in your own vision. Vision, after all, is what drives this hobby. Try
all the styles then create you own style. 
Tom Barr