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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1137

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>Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 10:11:21 +0800
>From: "John H. Phillips III" <phillips at library_ucsf.edu>
>Subject: Banana Plants & Intro.
>   Hello everyone,
>This is my first note to the list, so I'll post my question, and then my
>    I've read differing opinions on whether one should grow Banana plants
>(the small water lily-like plant from the eastern USA, sorry I forgot to
>bring the Latin name to work this morning) in a simple gravel or soil-based
>substrate.  Right now I have 5 or 6 in simple gravel, but I'm wondering if
>I should move them into a more nutritional substrate in another aquarium.
>If anyone could share which kind of substrate has brought them success, I
>would appreciate hearing about it.

I have two that were thrown in with a large plant order when I redid my
55gal. a couple months ago. At first I didn't put them in the tank (I'm not
that fond of them) I just tossed them into a 20gal. that had no substrate.
But after a 2-3 weeks I put them in the 55gal and the took off. They both
have several floating leave and more sprouting and theirs or the only roots
that I can see that have reach the bottom of the tank. The substrate I used
was about 3" of Hartz ph5 cat litter with a small amount of Osmocote and
then covered that with the smallest aquarium gravel I could get (can't get
sandblasting sand that's not silica). I had liquid fertilizer and Iron 2-3
time a week at the most. I have 2-48" flor. plant lights and 2-48" GE
chromas. No CO2 and currently only 3 farlowellas(waiting for Dave to get me
some SAE's before I add the rest of the fish).

Paul K
paulk at vci_net