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Re: Aquascaping competitions in North America (by photo)


I find myself remarkably uninterested in this idea. Having watched (hired)
the folks who do photos for marketing, I'm terribly aware of just how things
can be made to look like something they are not. I automatically would win,
because I would have a pro set up the tank and take the shots, and also do
the retouching. It's a no brainer. It would also be no fun -- just

Additionally, there are a lot of subtle 3D effects that even shots from
several angles will not illustrate very well. [I do it all the time, as I
have a fairly high-res digital camera.]

Let me put forth a slightly different alternative.

I would like to see tanks by a number of people, all shown at one location.
[If in a high traffic mall or fair, we might even recruit some other
addicts... er, hobbyists.] A single-size tank, with some simple judging
standards that all understand, could leave the gardening and artistic skills
as the thing we are trying to improve. 1/4-full 10G tanks could be moved
with many of the plants in place, with reasonable "touch-up" and final
additions for show day not too different from the changes and maintenance we
always do at home, anyway.

*Then* an impartial photographer could snap the winning tank at each local
show, and near year-end we could have an international show-by-photo to try
to pick the best of those winners. No photos by the entrants, tho.

I *think* that might be more fun and productive of aquascaping-showing-skill
improvement. It also has PR value to local clubs.

That's my $0.02.


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