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re: substrate for banana plants

A while back, John H. Phillips wrote:

>   I've read differing opinions on whether one should grow Banana plants
> (the small water lily-like plant from the eastern USA, sorry I forgot to
> bring the Latin name to work this morning) in a simple gravel or
> soil-based
> substrate.  Right now I have 5 or 6 in simple gravel, but I'm wondering
> I should move them into a more nutritional substrate in another
> If anyone could share which kind of substrate has brought them success,
> would appreciate hearing about it.


Sorry I can't be authoritative, but I'll do what I can.  My banana plants
are growing in a fairly young fine-sand substrate.  They're holding on,
but not much more.  I think they would do better in a well-aged gravel
substrate (a plain gravel substrate aged more than a year or so) and even
better with a more fertile substrate.

Light and other factors also play important roles, so substrate alone
will not determine your success.

Welcome to the list, John.

Roger Miller