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Re: Java Moss, Riccia

> David Boukmn wrote:
> >Subject: RE:Java weeds!? GIMME SOME!!
> >Second: I am willing to trade some of my best exotic "Tropicaswords" (E.
> >ozelot, E. oriental, E. rose, E. ruby) plus Red or Green "Tiger Lotus"
> >plants plus enough dwarf sagittaria to cover a 20 gal long to anyone who
> >can come up with 50g of "Javileweed" or RICCIA.  The amount is negotiable.
	I missed this the first time round.  I threw handfuls of both into
the compost last night, gave some away this morning and I still have one
tank overrun with Java Moss.  Can you not get the stuff at all, or will
they not grow in your tanks?  If you live near here, you can have lots. 

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada