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GH Chemistry

Hi Everyone,

Last night prior to a water change I measured KH=7, GH=0, in the tank, using
Aquarium Pharm. test kits.  I use DI reconstituted with Kent's R/O Right at
one teaspoon per 10 gal which sets conductivity to 250 uS/cm, as measured
with a meter at work.  I also add one teaspoon baking soda per 10 gal.  I
switched to reconstituted DI one month ago (2 20% W.C. thus far).  I brought
a tank water sample to work today and measured conductivity at 330 uS/cm,
which from my research looks OK, correct?

I have spent some time at the archives and The Krib, and understand why GH
and conductivity don't correlate, and that GH test kits typically only
measure the Ca/Mg concentrations, not all ions present, but that being the
case, wouldn't the test kit give me some indication if there were Ca and Mg
in the sample?

I would like to have a better understanding of this.  Any takers?

Mike in Minneapolis