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Re: Yeast method CO2

"James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com> wrote :

>This is just an observation in passing....

>I have two 15 gallon planted tanks which still use Yeast method CO2 fed into
>the intake stem of AquaClear filters. The individual yeast bottles have been
>on the tank for at least a month and were slowing down considerably in the
>amount of CO2 gas that they were producting. UNTIL last weekend, when a heat
>wave hit Toronto. The temperature skyrocketed and so did the amount of gas
>coming out of the two Coke bottles. Instead of a spurt of bubbles every
>thirty seconds or so, the gas has been flowing in an almost steady stream
>(while I sit and sweat in the heat). Has anyone else noted this during
>periods of elevated temperature? Might be an idea to inclose the bottles in
>enclosures with some form of supplemental heating to keep the gas flowing
>for as long as possible.

I don't know what other aquarists think, but personally, I have the feeling that with a certain
amount of glucose and yeast, you cannot increase a lot more the global amount of CO2 produced.
The fermentation produces alcohol and CO2. I SUPPOSE that in a close milieu the alcohol concentration
rises to a so high level that it kills the yeast. So if you increase temperature, you increase the
speed of the "auto-poisoning" phenomenon.

James, by the way, thank you very much for the book's information.

The Netherlands