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Re: Aquascaping competitions

 Erik Olson wrote:
>Subject: Re: Aquascaping competitions in North America

Shoot, if the AGA didn't want to do
>it, I'd even host such a contest on the Krib for you.

Sounds great Erik! I'm glad to see so much interest in aquascaping.

>One caveat: You may find yourself having to be a bit of a "whip" to get
>people to enter; locally, for instance, most of the people in the Seattle
>club don't like to show off their tanks or enter photo contests... and
>this would be both.  Perhaps some people in particular cities could
>volunteer to take photos if others are a bit squeamish about it (I don't
>mind going around Seattle with my cameras, for instance).

I have access to a digital camera and will do the same around the Vancouver

Be good to get local stores interested in competing. Winning store entries
could get some free advertising as their prize.

in Vancouver