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Re: your aquarium page

I heard this about mollies in general (algae eating that is... not
necessarily beard algae). That's why I bought three silver mollies for my
77g. I saw them occasionally nibble at it but I think they pretty much
stopped after the first couple of weeks.

I got three black ones for my 10g for the same purpose and they would
occasionally eat algae too (though not the beard stuff). I eventually had
fry in that tank so I moved the adults (and the adult silvers) to a 27g.

I don't add salt to my water BUT:
I have a water conditioner which removes calcium and stuff and replaces it
with salt so maybe that's why mollies survive for me.

My 77g tank, which only has 32W of light, stays free of beard algae but does
have some brown stuff. Not very much though. I scrape it once every couple
of weeks (front, back, and one end - the other end is against the wall so I
let the algae grow there). This tank doesn't have any fish bought
specifically for algae control either (well, it used to have the three
silver mollies until a few days ago). It has one 'golden apple' snail, a
couple of other ramshorn snails (not more than 3), 16-18 assorted barbs, 1/6
dozen kuhli loaches, 1 black moor, 2 common GF, and 1 bala shark.
Any of those could browse a little algae I suppose though I never see any of
them do so. No, wait, I have seen the rosy barbs pick at stuff (that looks
kinda like beard algae - just very small) growing from the driftwood but
that's all.

So maybe it's just the high light (3W/g), fertilile substrate, tanks that
have the problem? I think I'm going to try some bigger snails (mystery
snails) in those tanks. The small ramshorn and similar can't survive the
dojo and yoyo loaches. The MTS seem to do OK.

I think that there's enough here for discussion on the list so I'll CC it to

As for your website, I don't think I've ever got feedback on mine. Then
again, mine is a joke compared to yours:


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From: wayne jones <waj at mnsi_net>
Date: July 5, 1999 4:55 PM

>>btw, my rosy barbs didn't seem to touch
>the beard algae after the first
>>couple of days. I'm trying tiger and
>cherry barbs now.
>Thanks for the compliment you are only
>the second person to ever give me any
>feedback so I especially grateful. The
>rosy barbs pretty much won't touch the
>stuff unless they are really hungry this
>is a problem if you have fish in your
>tank that you are trying to keep in top
>condition such as a breeding pair. I
>have heard that black mollies are very
>good but they do not survive for very
>long for me.