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Re: aquascape competition

>>Converging lines creating "depth"--especially in Dutch Aquariums.
        Height in plane (taller seems further)--again Dutch Aq.
                (though traditional in Japanese scroll paintings)
        Composing with negative space--Amano's carefully sparse setups.
        Composing along golden sections or thirds--everyone since Greeks.
        Contrasts of all kinds: color, number, height, texture, etc.
        Lines of plants or borders between species creating patterns or
                movement, not necessarily perpective.  (Overlooked?) <<

Great ideas! Different classifications for the contest?

>>1. Since the AGA and the APD are international it would be great to include everyone who wishes to participate and/or collaborate<<
I agree, anyone who can submit a photo, what either digital or negative?

>>2. For the education of everyone it would be useful to publish all the submissions and a little description and plan of the aquarium layout and plants contained<<
I definetly agree it would be far more interesting to post everybodys pictures, rather than just the winners. You could even goes as far as having different size aquarium classifications, and a separate contest for children under a certain age.

Robert Paul H