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No Subject

Hi Bob

I have a question in regards to what form the pumice that you intend to use
is in?  What type of effect does it have on the water?  How does it help


Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 16:34:04 EDT 
From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com 
Subject: Re: Substrate idea and water quality questions
Big snip!

"The pumice and peat 
that will go into the rest of the substrate are cheap enough around here to 
toss out." Remember, before Amano used Power Sand, he had something called 
Super Soil. I'm betting that this Super Soil is along the lines of 
pyrophyllite, and that it is the third ingredient in Power Sand (pumice, 
peat, and a nutrient-rich clay). This is only a test. I'm having fun, and 
hey, that's my spirit of adventure.