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Re: unidentified algae eaters

> From: "H. Hoekstra" <hugo at greed_nl>
> The fish looks like a cross between the Myxocyprinus asiaticus and 
> Crossocheilus siamensis, it has several vertical black bands, and the body 
> shape of the C. siamensis. They were approximately 3" long, I wondered for a

My guess is that you found Sarcocheilichthys sinensis.  If you happen
to have Baensch Atlas, check volume 3, page 266.  It is a Chinese
fish with SAE's body form and Myxocyprinus color.  I have no 
knowledge about its algae eating abilities, because I have seen just
one (and wasn't able to buy it, although I really tried!)

> While I'm at the unidentified algae eaters, another petshop has an algae
> eater that they call the 'rare siamensis'. It looks like a cross between
> the CAE & SAE, has a suckermouth (not as well developed as the CAE though)
> AND 4 barbels. They are said to be excellent algae eaters.

Has to be one of the Garra species.  Perhaps even "false siamensis", 
Garra cambodgiensis, because this species actually has 4 barbels
instead of just 2.  The second pair is small and very light, and
so rather difficult to see.