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unidentified algae eaters

Tonight I saw some new fish at the petshop that I've never seen before
and is in none of the books. The sign said :"NEW: Chinese algae eater"
Bear with me for a moment cause this is confusing. In Dutch the common name
of the CAE-Gyrinocheilus aymonieri is correctly labeled 'Siamese algae eater'
after it's true origin, Siam. It's not the CAE or true or false siamensis.

The fish looks like a cross between the Myxocyprinus asiaticus and 
Crossocheilus siamensis, it has several vertical black bands, and the body 
shape of the C. siamensis. They were approximately 3" long, I wondered for a
while if they could be juvenile M. asiaticus but they are too different in 
body shape and coloration. It's clearly a cyprinid, anyone got any idea ?

While I'm at the unidentified algae eaters, another petshop has an algae
eater that they call the 'rare siamensis'. It looks like a cross between
the CAE & SAE, has a suckermouth (not as well developed as the CAE though)
AND 4 barbels. They are said to be excellent algae eaters.

The Netherlands
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