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icky ick

try just heat & 50% water change using aged water, then do 30 - 50% w/c
again after ich clears.  You don't say what fish, bio load or plants
soooo... If it is bad you could pull worst infested fish out or use DE
filter.  I haven't used meds in tank for years, if I get ich I up temp to
min 80 - 82F with extra aeration; have gone as high as 88F.  I change the
filter as soon as I see ich & a couple days after all signs are gone.
This is way I cure it in cardinal tank & my "sacraficial" tank - I keep a 10
gallon with a pair of mollies  for new fish as I feel they are ich magnets &
show disease before other fish.  I have noticed as a side note the males are
much more delicate? less hardy? susceptable?  than females.  If disease pops
up I add  1 to 2 tsp salt to mollie tank.
Have java moss, water sprite, val, duckweed, camboba (sp) & couple others I
can't remember off hand & they flourish so much I'm always thinning even
though it has a tad of salt all the time.
I can not use meds in my tanks as I use tank water for my orchids & other
plants including herbs & food plants for my birds & herps.  I even use the
mollie tank water after the first 50% change for cacti & hard water/alki
loving plants sometimes.
Good luck, Kat