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Re: Algae growing on glass

Michael Grace asked about the "problem" of algae growing on the inside walls
of his aquarium. He gave details of his set-up and his maintenance and
water. I can see no problems other than, and I shudder to even mention it,
perhaps one of attitude. Unless the film of algae is coating and choking the
plant material within the aquarium, a thin growth of green algae on the
inside vertical glass walls of the tank is no big deal, and is easily taken
care of during regular maintenance. Especially if the growth of the algae
doesn't occur for approximately a week or two following its last removal. An
aquarium is a living system. If you provide conditions conducive to the
growth of higher plants, it is inevitable that SOME algae is also going to

Does anyone remember when marine aquariums were maintained with white
bleached coral skeletons and UV sterilizers to kill everything that didn't
have fins? Some of them may have been visually stunning, but they were
hardly natural. In the same vein, a planted aquarium without at least SOME
algae is, at least to my thinking, not very natural looking.

I realize that personal preferences may vary, and I KNOW that the "bleach
brigade" is still lurking in the shadows, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over
a thin film of green algae on the glass walls of an aquarium. Wiping it off
every couple of weeks will give you a chance to get a good look at the tank
and how the other plants and animals are doing.

Note to the "bleach brigade": Don't even THINK of zinging me on this. I'm
wrapped in a chlorophyll coloured, flame resistant wet-suit. <G>

James Purchase