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Follow-up: Weekly green film normal?

     >One week after water changes an annoying film of green algae 
     >accumulates on the glass.  I can wait no longer than two weeks before 
     >I must scrub it off due to reduced visibility.
     Hi again,
     Thanks to those that responded to my questions!  I have since 
     purchased a phosphate test kit (Aquarium Systems).
     Tap=0.6 ppm
     Aquarium=undetectable (one week after last water change)
     As a reminder, I do a 20% water change every 10-14 days with 50/50 
     DI/TAP.  See my original post for many more details if needed.  Also 
     not reported originally was iron (Fe=0.1ppm).
     From what I've read in the archives, this is quite a bit of phosphate 
     coming from the tap, correct?
     Is it logical since I use 50/50 DI/TAP that I'm adding 0.3ppm to the 
     tank at water changes?
     Can I assume the plants are using it up once in the tank?  Or perhaps 
     more likely, the algae?
     Would you recommend I use a phosphate removing product to remedy?
     Any additional comments would be welcomed.
     Mike in Minneapolis