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Re: Moving Tanks

Thanks to all who responded on the list or in person to my request for
information on moving tanks.  I will let you know how it goes, good or bad, to
add to body of experience.

An unrelated observation:  Tanks that are potassium deficient "sparkle" after
potassium sulfate is added.  By "sparkle," I mean that the water appears
clearer and the surface shimmers with reflected light more than before the
potassium salt was added.  Of course, the plants look perkier too, but the
difference in the water appears within an hour or so.  It's one way I
corroborate potassium deficiency.  If my hygro and rotala have holes and the
tank looks "dull," I reach for the potassium sulfate.  Has anyone made the
same observation?  Or have I been staring into planted tanks too long?

Thanks again to all of you for the advice on moving.  This group makes the
hobby a joy.

William Cwirla
Hacienda Heights