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Re: Lights and tank overheating

Why are you worried about your tank temperature getting to 82-85? Do
you have some fish that are that
sensitive? I've been in a similiar situation (no A/C in the deep
south), and my tropicals did fine. My roommates chichlids did fine. I
think you're worrying too much. Based on my experience, your fish will
be fine at 85F, don't worry about it. 

I'll let someone else address the plants, though.
That summer I had Hygro, water sprite, crypts and some other plants
that made it through the summer.
Didn't have some of your other plants though. Still,
I think you'll be ok.

>I have a 20 gallon high tank, which is currently lit >with a Perfecto
>SHO fixture sitting on a glass canopy.  Now that the >weather has been
getting warmer, I've been noticing >that the heat generated by this
convection-cooled >fixture is causing my tank temperature to rise about
>3-4 degrees over the heater setting in the late >afternoon (and the
>hasn't even started to get hot out yet).  So it will >jump from 78F to
>around 82F.  Clearly, 4 months of this is going to be >bad for my

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