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DIY CO2 diffuser

I just checked the Kh-CO2-pH relationship chart at the KRIB and confirmed my 
sneaking suspicion that Im not getting enough CO2 into my tank.  I've heard 
from several people about how to create a diffuser, but most use a cannister 
filter.  I was using both an over-the-back filter (which i've removed as 
advised) and a powerhead with the CO2 input in the venturii (sp?) hole on 
top of the powerhead.  This hasn't seemed to work for me.
I was wondering if anyone could comment on my soln.?  I plan to use a 
clear-green tube (from a TetraBrilla filter) with the CO2 coming in where 
the air hose is attached. I would cap the top of the tube and attach it to 
the tank with suction cups provided. I would then route the sponge tube to 
the powerhead intake.  The other sponge tube I would leave alone.
Do you think that this might solve my CO2 problem?  I'm using the 3 cups 
sugar 1tsp baking soda method now and the mixt. seems to bubble adequately 
but my pH has remained constant at 7.6-7.8 with a Kh of 11-12*.  Looking at 
the chart this means I am getting no more CO2 than what is provided by the 
atmosphere above my tank (is this correct)??
Joe Anderson

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