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The name thing

***I would like to commet on the nickname thing.  First off...I do like
the fact that people use real names in here.  It makes it more of a
personal thing.  I am not opposed to nicknames either.  I believe that
freedom of choice should be allowed.  I use my real name in here and it
does not bother me but some want to remain annonamus.  Of course I am
very oppionated about some things and this can prob get me kicked off
Ali ("spiny eel" - come on Ali, use your REAL name on the APD,
especially if you want people to take you seriously)

> There is really no need to make such comments. Perhaps this is what
> is known as, or wishes to be known as, It is petty to suggest that he
is not
> to be taken seriously because he has a nickname.
***She is absolutely correct, and well said Olga***
No need? Petty? This may very well be the case - if so, sorry. But
check the archives - I've gone on record as being against "handles"
being used on
the APD, especially cryptic ones. This is NOT a USENET newsgroup - a lot
of us
are excentric, but I don't think any of us are downright dangerous.
***You have the right to be against them if you so choose.  And sometime
with the eccentric(I am one of them too)comes nicknames.  People
choose(and they have the right to do so)to change their names or use
alias or nicknames.  As for being dangerous...You said "you don't think
that any are dangerous".  But the fact of the matter is that you do not
know at all.  There could be and are lurkers.  Do you know all of them
personally enough to make that judgement call for the rest of the
members of the list?***
This is a serious mailing list which people have to join, and they can
be un-joined
at Cynthia's pleasure if they get seriously out of line. But I am from
the "old school" - I prefer to deal with real people who use their real
names -
I'm not trying to hide anything, and I hope that my correspondents
aren't either.
***You said you "prefer".  That is a choice as well that you have the
right to make, but remember they have choices too.***

But this is an issue that has been dealt with in the past - if someone,
ANYONE, wants to use a handle here, they are free to do so. I just
won't respond to anyone who fails to give their real name, UNLESS they
something interesting to say - and Ali ("spiny eel") DID have something
interesting to say, which is why I kicked in with my response. Please
don't take my comments personally, it was an off the cuff remark, and
meant as a "shot" against a fellow list member with a serious question
deserved (and received) a serious response..
***I think that if Cyntia(her list right?)wants to make a rule that real
names must be used then she would have already.  Think about it
people...This list is for aquatic plant enthusiasts and that is what it
should be about not this fussin over someones name.  We are here to
further the knowledge of the aquatic plants and related subjects.  Lets
not get all upset about names.  It just seems so trival to argue about
something so irrevelant. ***
Now about those Java Ferns....
Lance Tuttle
Rhode Island