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Re: Bacopa Caroliniana

> From: RGORDONPF at aol_com
> Subject: Bacopa Caroliniana
> All of the plants in my 100 gallon plant tank are growing very well except
> for the Bacopa caroliniana.  This is the first time I have grown it and had
> thought that it would grow much more rapidly.  The plant bubbles nicely
> during the day and the stems grow about 1/2 inch per week.  The leaves that
> receive the most light have turned a dark reddish brown which makes me wonder
> if the plant is receiving too much light.  The Bacopa is directly under one
> of the two 150 watt HQI metal halide bulbs which are suspended 12 inches
> above the tank.  The tank is 18 inches deep with 3-4 inches of substrate.
> The group of Bacopa monnieri that is right next to the B. caroliniana is
> growing real fast - 3 to 4 inches a week.
> Does anyone have any experience with Bacopa caroliniana in high light (3-4
> watts per gallon) environments.  I would appreciate hearing your experiences.

I've just reduced my stem plants to just Bacopa for the reason that they
are a slower grower than most other stem plants.  Yes, the tops of my
Bacopa turn reddish as they approach the top of the water line.  I don't
know if that's a bad thing or not.  The plants don't seem to be
affected, they just keep growing.  I imagine that in the wild they same
would happen, that is if they grow in shallower water.

Being  a slower grower is a plus for me.  Means I don't have to prune as
often.  The fact that CO2 is injected doesn't seem to make it want to
grow faster.

Kelly Beard