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RE: Bunch-Plant Root Rot... Cause: High light?

>Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 17:10:01 -0500
>From: "Derek Wingert" <dwingert at MNIC_net>
>Subject: Bunch-Plant Root Rot... Cause: High light?

>that I could have a good variety in a smaller tank. I set up the tank with
>very rich substrate...

>gravel mixed with a little DuplaRit powder. Very, very rich. My light
>are also quite "rich" at 110 watts of Perfecto SHO-Lighting. So far it's

>many of them come up from the substrate. Upon further inspection it is
>evident by the visual black color and the rotten stench that the roots have
>rotted. What's going on here? I use DuplaPlant drops nearly daily (I have


(is that too much quoting for you folks?)
Is it possible that since your substrate is very rich, nutrient intake is
very easy, and therefore, most of the roots are superfluous? Maybe the plant
didn't want to spend energy to keep 5-10cm of roots alive when only .1-.5cm
was needed. Or maybe it's something simple like rich substrate=lots of
microorganism growth=root destruction?