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RE: Possible SAEs in San Diego

The fish at Fountain's Aquarium in La Mesa are not SAEs.  They are the "False 
Siamensis".  The horizontal strip is smooth and not zig-zag.  The black 
horizontal bar does not extend through the tail.  The fins are not 
transparent.  There is a light stripe above the dark stripe.  Also I asked 
the store personnel (Christine).  She agreed that the fish were incorrectly 
labeled, though the label has not been changed.  I did place an order with 
Fountains for the real SAEs (crossocheilus siamensis) as well as some dwarf 
bristle-nose plecos.  They should arrive in the next week or so if any of 
their distributors have them.  If you want SAEs ask Fountains to order you 
some.  No, Fountain's does not handle mail orders, though you might want try 
calling Jim at Aquatics Unlimited in Greenfield, Wisconsin (414-543-4929, 
sae at bestfish_com, www.bestfish.com/sae.html).  They used to sell SAEs by mail 

Roger Gordon
San Diego, California