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RE:Mic. umbrosum

Hi Tom,

I do have umbrosum in my tank too and experienced what you've experienced with them. They
grow well for a few weeks but started turning pale down below and the leaves then melt
away, leaving thin stalks with only some top leaves.

In my opinion, umbrosum needs extremely strong lights to keep them happy. When they grow
taller, the bottom leaves will not get enough of the light, and that's when the leaves
turn pale and fade away. If they are planted too close to one another, same thing would
happen when they grow taller.

So what I've done was to uproot the original bunch, trimmed away the unhealthy plants and
replanted, this time making sure that they be planted slightly apart. Also, I started
trimming them before they grew too tall, when they are less than half a foot long. What
you'll get is a bushier growth but hardly any yellowing of the bottom leaves, as there's
enough light penetration.

However, I'm sure one of these days the bush will get overcrowded and another replanting
exercise will have to be carried out. Well, at least the interval between replanting is
longer, and for its beauty, I don't mind doing it once in a while.

Kenny Poh