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RE:Mic. umbrosum

I was possessed to grow this plant at one point. It would grow great for
a few weeks. It looked great and a very effective beautiful bunch plant
so I really wanted to find/strike a balance to make room for it in my
tanks. I tried many set ups but did not do monoculture or emersed growth
set ups. If it can't grow well with other plants in a submersed set up,
I'm not that intrested......unless it is a crypt! But I have had a few
stems bounced back and are doing quite well now. Why? I'm not certain.
Trimming the tops and letting the "stumps" branch out ?
    Perhaps, in mass, they don't get enough of some nutrient after a few
weeks ? The plant does very well for a few weeks(maybe 2-4 weeks or so)
then yellowish leaves start setting in and the holes in the leaves
appear(turning to complete degeneration of most of the leaf), turning
the plant quite ratty and unattractive. There is some living tissue at
this point but no new growth. The other plants all do well in the test
tanks.No other plants exhibit the holes or degeneration. There maybe a
chemical inhibitor produced by another plant that affects this plant
when there is a mass of this plant. The small amount of M.umbrosum does
do well under very high light(QTL's) and daily dosing of Sera
fertilizer. Perhaps the roots new growth plays a role? After they(the
roots) have established themselves the new growth slows or stops?
Although there is good growth, the plant is somewhat pale in color. I
tend to wonder if Amano's use of this plant is a temporary set up after
the experience I have had with this plant. The clumps look very much
like the clumps I had growing the first week. Does anyone else have any
comments/successes on this plant? I'd like to hear from you.
Tom Barr       AGA
Still alittle possessed in SF where it is thinking about raining