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Fluorite and algae

Thanks to all, especially Derek Wingert, for their helpful comments on 
Fluorite and algae growth. Frequent large water changes do seem to have 
brought the problem under control, though I think it'll be a while before 
the algae disappears.

Like my water, I'm still not completely clear: besides iron, what other 
algae-promoting nutrients does the Fluorite add to the water?

Derek writes, "<snip> What I would do is do 30% water changes daily for 
three days to a week to get the excess nutrients out. After that, I'd use a 
flocculent (like Clear Water, etc) to bind any larger particles and drop 
them down to where they should be... the gravel.<snip>" In my experience, 
flocculants also seem to have the unpleasant side effect of causing 
particulate debris to coat plant leaves. Has anyone else had this problem?


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