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Micranthemum ?

Being somewhat new in aquatic gardening I have some questions regarding
One, how much light? Is 80W enough in a 38g if I clear out some Najas
and Riccia?
Two, does it do better w/substrate heating? It seemed to rot away like
an Echinodorus last time I planted it.
Water parameters?

I have a 38g tank w/new 80W of full spectrum/GroLux tubes.  Yeast CO2
and substrate/natural gold combo, I placed the plants on a nugget of
substrate gold in the brightest corner of the tank (Most of the surface
is blanketed w/Riccia). But it only lasted a week, snails did do quite a
bit of damage as well.
Any thoughts?
Paul E. Turley
ICQ# 32030620

"Never before in the history of man have so many known so little about
so much."   Carl Sagan