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Re: Crypt vs Apon revisited

Just a note to follow up on an earlier post requesting an ID on a 
plant I bought as Crypt retrospiralis but later suspected to be Apon. 
crispus.  The plant has thoughtfully flowered to aid in identification.  
It is unquestionably an Apon.  Never know what'll come home from 
the lfs.  Some time back I bought what was labelled an "unusually 
colored otocinclus", for about $1.50.  When I got it home and had a 
good look at it, I realized this was actually a tiny pleco.  I didn't 
really want a pleco but he was a handsome fellow so I kept him.  
Later I ID'd him as a gold spot pleco and worth a bit more than I'd 
bought him for.  When he began taking a liking to my crypts for 
dinner, I caught him and took him back to the same store.  The 
owner (who'd said he'd take the fish when I'd called ahead) said it 
couldn't be a gold spot pleco because it was dull brown (stressed 
out from the move and lost his color).  He asked where I'd gotten it, 
and was shocked when I told him how I'd bought it from his store.  I 
suggested he keep it a few days until he could see that it was 
indeed a gold spot.  The fish is now for sale in his store for $40.  
You just never know.....

Thanks again to those who answered my post, especially Raj.  

Cathy Hartland