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Barley Straw

Reference to David Robinson E- mail on Barley Straw Here are the some 
facts. This was  posted in one of the article on the web.

Barley Straw is Organic Algaecide, this research was done by Aquatic Weeds 
Research unit U.K.

It takes about six to eight weeks for barley straw to become active after 
it is placed in the moving water.
After that barley straw will remain an active algaecide for approximately 6 
Microbial growth, oxygen and warm water temperature activates the 
decomposition of the straw. With sufficient water flow through the straw. 
lignins oxidize into homic acids and , with sunlight and oxygen, destroy 
algae, with no effect on higher plant and aquatic life.

Barley straw decompose slowly so its oxygen demand does not cause problems 
unless an excessive (100gm per square meter) amount of straw is used. 
Stagnant water will go anaerobic inside the straw bundle killing the 

How much barley straw to use ?  2.5 gm per square meter of water surface. 
in water with severe algae problem high first treatments up to 50 gm per 
square meter.

You can tie the straw in small bundles, or stuff in to net bags and place 
them in water movement area.

Where to buy from ? Aquatic Eco System 800-422-3939,  $ 6.95 for 1/2 lb.

All the research for this was done in the ponds. There is no study for 
aquariums. I am planning to use this in my new pond this year.