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Dissolved Gas

Karen Randall wrote:
>> I would wait 24 hours
>> if you fill the tank directly from the tap, particularly in the winter.
>> The reason for this is that tap water, particularly in the winter is high
>> in various dissolved gasses. (you see them collect as bubbles on the
>> of the tank glass as you fill the tank) These can be very hard on the

Alysoun McLaughlin wrote:

>Really?  A while ago, someone told me it would help remove
>chlorine/chloramine if I deliberately stirred up bubbles when I do a water
>change.  So I've made a practice of it... does this create a problem for the
>fish, or is it not a problem for just a 20% water change or so?

You can't possibly "stir" enough gass into the water to cause a problem for
the fish... In fact stirring like this will help release the supersaturated
gasses I'm talking about.  The "bad" gasses (or at least the bad
concentrations of gasses) happen in cold water in the winter time.  Cold
water holds more gasses than warm water, and "bad" gasses tend to build up
under ice in reservoirs, etc.

Your stirring won't cause any problems for your fish.  It won't release a
lot of chlorine, and even less chloramine.  But it won't hurt your fish either.