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[Fwd: Re: VHO ballasts]

Hey, all!

I thought you guys might like to see the response email I got from the
author of the FAMA article we've been talking about (I sent him a copy
of my earlier post).  I'm going to reply and ask him for hard lux or PAR
numbers-I'll forward it when I get a reply. 

Justin Collins

Dear Justin, thanks for your email.  You are right, the evidence in the
article is sketchy--but FAMA isn't a juried journal.  But I have been
running tests on my own and they do confirm the icecap tests.  ALso,
I've been running my reef tank (24" deep) with hard and soft corals top
to bottom for over a year now, and the corals are open and growing.  I
have the same bulbs in there since day one with no significant shift in
color and very, very little drop in lux ( as checked with instruments
borrowed overnight from my university's physics lab).  The corals are
the best imperical proof, though that the system works--they don't seem
to care how much I paid for the bulbs.  Here in south Georgia the
weather always makes up its mind--hot, humid (summer)  slightly less hot
and humid (winter).  All best, SC