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Re: Laterite

> the term laterite of itself possesses no magical quality. The attributes
> of texture, chemical composition, pH, reactivity and oxygen demand (to
> name but a few) are what make these products or materials suitable.
> There are also infinitely many permutations (combinations) of substrates
> that work well for growing aquatic plants. The term laterite or
> later-soil is so vague and imprecise in geophysical terms that its
> largely a moot point.

So would I infer from this then that the aquaria definition of laterite
is then just a broad term applying to most any soil substrate? The
physical properties then can vary from one manufacturer to another?
The research I have done thus far from scientific sources on the net
have a much clearer definition. If it is so commonplace that laterite
exhists in North america, then it only makes sense that it would be
documented by someone and known by someone, anyone in the scientific
community. I am only looking for answers clear and simple. I do not
think I am creating confusion, I am only bringing to the surface
confusion that is already there unanswered. My motives are purely
selfish...I simply want to know what laterite really is and where it is.

Robert H

> iii) I read what Christopher Coleman wrote: "Mostly your post hasn't
> added anything new to what laterite is.
> Laterite is inherently old so there isn't anything inherently new to
> add.  But your post had enough inaccuracies to add to the confusion.
> Will that be fair to anyone new on the list not knowing anything about
> this old thing?" I think Chris was trying to be humorous; I prefer to
> look at it in that light not as criticism or sarcasm. Forgive the punch
> line explanation; the mineral laterite is geologically old and the
> subject of laterite is old for us old-timers on the APD. ;-)
> Anyhow at least there are a couple of new facts that crawled out from
> under the rocks this discussion has turned over so all is not a loss!
> ;-)
> And that remark comparing Canadian and American educational
> institutions; me-thinks this man is -trying- to provoke a flame war!
> Canucks: are we gonna take this??? This is an invitation for
> PUN-ishment! Volleys away!
> --
> Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA
> who should know better about getting into this discussion... just can't
> help himself ;-)

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