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Re: chloramine

Here in Toronto we get water from Lake Ontario.  So, especially in the
summer the stuff stinks like algae and chlorine.  (We filter ours for
drinking)  I add the Little Giant chlorine and chloramine remover.  The
water in my tubs almost has a bubbling froth on top after I add this stuff.
Then it rapidly goes away and the water left behind is clear.  My
understanding is that there is now bound ammonia left in the water and that
after 24 hours that too comes out of solution if left alone.  However, I
never do 40% water changes but even 30% has not caused any detrimental
effectes on my fish.  Moreover, the jungles in the tanks takes up any
ammonia unbound as rapidly as it becomes available.

Actually, come to think of it, I did do a number of about 95% water changes
due to medication removal, and the fish showed no signs of ill-effect.

I don't keep any ultra ultra sensitive fish in the tank, and my
understanding is that some killies are very sensitive.