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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #960

Hello Kelly,

You'll never know, until you try it!

But I would NOT dry & cook the leaves. Particularly hot extracting might
destroy whatever the algicide is. I think that a blender/homogenizer
will be more gentle to it. Filter the "juice" through a paper filter (a
double coffee filter should be OK) and use that.

Then there is the question of concentration: At the surface of the leaf
it is high. BUT if you distribute the extract of several leaves over a
tank of any size -- the concentration of the active agent will be near

Solution -- do the experiment in a *very* small container, to have the
highest possible concentration of whatever it is that inhibits hair
algae. Once you prove that it works at that concentration, you can back



> I have a small outbreak of thread algae.  I've been studying each plant
> to see what plants were most affected by thread algae.  I've noticed
> that Barclaya Longifolia is almost completely absent of any noticeable
> growth of thread algae.  If you squint hard, you can see a few threads,
> but you have to look hard.  Old leaves, new leaves, it doesn't matter.
> I wonder what characteristic prevents this plant from being overtaken?
> Where some plants like Lugwigia repens are covered at the tops, Barclaya
> is clean as a whistle.  I had the idea of taking some leaves from
> Barclaya, drying and crushing them, then brewing them through a coffee
> machine and pouring the contents into a tank (sans fish of course) that
> was infected with thread algae, and observing the outcome.  What do you
> think?  If it works out, I could bottle this stuff as an "All-natural
> algae suppressant".
> Here's a couple more observations:
> 1.  Thread algae definitely does not grow in the shade.  Only the tops
> of stem plants and plants with exposed leaves like Aponegetons and Java
> Fern are affected.  This makes me think that covering the tank and
> leaving the lights off for a while will help - although I can barely
> stand the thought of shrouding my babies in complete darkness for a
> while.
> 2. Thread algae does not grow in areas of strong current.  I have a HOB
> UV unit that pours water out.  Thread algae does not grow in that
> current.  Nor does it grow in the area where the spraybar flows.
> Neither on the glass or on the gravel.  Makes me think that having a
> wave maker in a planted tank might be on some benefit - but I'm not
> going that route.  I'm going to bottle the Barclaya extract instead.
> :-)
> Maybe this is one for The Krib!
> Let's have some feedback on this one.