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nutrient deficiency or toxicity; tissue sample analysis

There has been a fair amount of discussion about nutrient deficiency
symptoms recently. Occassionally someone tosses in the observation that
many symptoms can also be caused by toxicity (i.e. poisoning such as by
excess copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, lead, and others)

Has anyone ever used tissue sample analysis to identify the cause of a
growth problem in aquatic plants? This is standard protocol for aquatic
botany or botany in general. Visual symptoms are considered extremely
unreliable. In many cases you can't observe anything except poor growth!

Did you know that there are links on my website that take you to
University web pages where they offer tissue sample analysis and soil
sample analysis for very low cost? Has anybody tried this yet??

I suppose I should have done so myself but I don't often find a problem
severe enough to require this step. It might be very revealing to send
in a sample for fun. I might learn a lot more than I bargained for. This
would be the best way to fine tune a PMDD dosing method especially to
evaluate the relative amounts of trace nutrients. I think most PMDD'ers
are probably overdosing the trace nutrients. Less is more!!
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