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Re: Zebra Pleco

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Date: Sunday, April 04, 1999 12:52 PM
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> My LFS has a wonderful Zebra pleco for sale ($$$) and I was
>wondering how these guys do in plant tanks. I hear that they are really not
>that interested in algae or plants and that their diet is more like a cory
>than a pleco. Has anyone successfully (and happily) kept this beautiful
>nocturnal fish in their plant tanks? I know that one of their only
>requirements is some driftwood to rasp on... Please let me know!! Thanks.


I have had a Zebra Pleco for about three years.  I feed him sinking pellets.
Only occasionlly do I see him out in front of his large piece of driftwood
eating.  He has never bothered any of my plants nor any of the other fish in
the tank.  I think you would really enjoy having one, just make sure he has
hiding places in the tank.

Fort Wayne, IN