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Re: Jobe's or not

Well, I put the Jobe's sticks (fern type 16-2-6) in before I read this
last message.  I have put them in "bear back" before in another tank and
the plants did great.  If anything, I can expect a little algae growth,
but I'm not too worried.  I only placed the pieces under the two
watersprite and my Hygro. sp. stand.  We'll see what happens.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB

David Boukkmn wrote:
> I would introduce some grains of Osmocote slow-release (VERY low Phosphorus
> type)into the substrate near the base of suffering plants, instead of Jobes
> this early. Unless plant sticks are per-wrapped in Mexican Potters clay, I
> would NEVER again use them "bearback" in an aquarium since they release
> their nutrients too quickly. Nevertheless, I have found
> Jobes-wrapped-in-clay and spiced a few bits of steelwool (for iron)
> provides the most effective long-term perdictable slow release fertilizer
> of them all.
> ~David Boukmn.