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Re: Thoughts on our Amazon trip

At 07:06 AM 4/6/99 -0700, Erik Olson wrote:

> we
>also had a major CO2 disaster with a brand new eheim diffuser that I set
>up two days before the trip.  Came home and found a 60-gallon tank full of
>fungusing fish skeletons and an empty 15-lb cylinder.  But this is another

I'd like to hear about that, since I'm using an Eheim diffuser on a tank
that now has fish in it. (they got kicked out of the tank now housing the
Amazon fish<g>)

>Also found lots of Acaricthes heckelli, which we had no idea of
>because none of us are BigCichlidPeople (but promptly found it in the
>"other" Linke & Staek book when we got back), 

Which ones are they?  I have realized that I have at least 2 species among
the Laetacara-like cichlids.  One group still look like something between
dorsigera and curviceps.  The others have a dark band running down from the
eye and a BIG bass-like mouth.

>and found lots of tetras,
>including H. belotti.  I now go to the tetra section of the LFS with a new
>eye for plain silver schooling things. 

And remember that not all those tetra-things are schooling fish either.
How are your pencils doing?  What about the splash tetras.  My splashes
settled in like they thought this FREE FOOD deal was pretty darned good!<g>

>Oh, and my camcorder (hitherto off limits because of some humidity
>troubles on the trip) is back from the shop; the guy says it wasn't
>damaged at all, so tonight I start looking at the 6 hours of footage. :)

I also found that once my camera stuff really dried out, everything appears
to be OK. (lenses turning smoothly again, etc.)  I think I'll still bring
everything in a little at a time for a thorough professional cleaning,
though, since I've heard of left over mildew damaging lenses long term.
Next time I'm bringing a BIG bottle of silica gel crystals!