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Re: Thoughts on our Amazon trip

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999 krandall at world_std.com wrote:
> Karen
> P.S. Dave, Erik and Olga, please feel free to add to this as you see fit!

Wow, couldn't have said it better.  Not sure if there's anything I can

Those also on the Apistogramma list have heard some of our speil on
collecting there... on the Solimoes, we collected in about 2-3" deep
water, often full of (temporarily) submerged vegitation.  On the Rio
Negro, it was similar depths, but collecting near roots and leaf litter.
We brought back at least four different species of Apistos, which are
coloring up nice in our tanks (of which we didn't have enough to
quarantine, and of which we had to empty two more when we returned --- we
also had a major CO2 disaster with a brand new eheim diffuser that I set
up two days before the trip.  Came home and found a 60-gallon tank full of
fungusing fish skeletons and an empty 15-lb cylinder.  But this is another
story.).  Also found lots of Acaricthes heckelli, which we had no idea of
because none of us are BigCichlidPeople (but promptly found it in the
"other" Linke & Staek book when we got back), and found lots of tetras,
including H. belotti.  I now go to the tetra section of the LFS with a new
eye for plain silver schooling things. 

Some of the plants we brought back are in sumberged state, some I have in
an emeser to grow more before experimenting, most notably a pretty pink
alternanthera-like thing.  My wife swears we saw the fern we collected in
a pet store a couple days ago.

Oh, and my camcorder (hitherto off limits because of some humidity
troubles on the trip) is back from the shop; the guy says it wasn't
damaged at all, so tonight I start looking at the 6 hours of footage. :)

   - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com