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How's your PMDD?

Hi folks!
I know many of you use CSM for your PMDD' micronutrients, but in many other contries
like S.Korea, CSM is not affordable. So I use other sources for my PMDD.
Here's my ingredients.

Source                                Portion in my PMDD
KH2PO4                             0.25%(PO4)
K2SO4                                0.9%(K)
FeEDTA                              0.07%(Fe)
MnCl2+4(H2O)                   0.045%(Mn)
ZnSO4+7(H2O)                  0.014%(Zn)
CuSO4+5(H2O)                  0.01%(Cu)
Na2MoO4+2(H2O)            0.004%(Mo)
H3BO3                                0.014%(B)

Some of you may think pottasium could be short, but don't worry, I add about 5ppm of
pottasium at everywaterchange.
I also have some KNO3 and MgSO4 for N and Mg, but my tab water contain much of
NO3(16ppm) and is hard enough(6-7GH). So I don't put them in my tank.
BTW, how does your PMDD look?
My PMDD contain Fe-EDTA with green color but no DTPA.
I heard DTPA is a bit more stable and hardly broken.
Most commercial proucts like MasterGrow with DTPA show red color, but my PMDD is
green and makes precipitation in hours. I know K2SO4 makes precipitation, and slight
shake can remove it.
Can DTPA be contributed to the red colors or commercial product has more secrets?
Many of you use CSM and it contains DTPA.
What does your PMDD look like?
Dose yours still has precipitations? and if so, how serious?

I'm sorry that I alway post questions but few answers, but English post is a really
hard work.
Even this mail took me about an hour...

Hong, Sungmin from S.Korea.